Hatteras Connection Seafood Marketing Youth Team Formed


Hatteras Island, North Carolina (December 17, 2010) – Hatteras Connection has partnered with North Carolina Sea Grant and Cape Hatteras Secondary School of Coastal Studies to create a seafood marketing youth team.
Ten students at Cape Hatteras Secondary School (CHSS) will develop print, video, audio and social media advertising that explains how buying locally harvested seafood helps sustain the culture and the economy of Hatteras Island, and that tells what the commercial fishing industry means to the students, their families, or their community.
Advertising products created by the students will be made available to Outer Banks Catch and other local seafood branding programs in North Carolina, as well as other programs and agencies, for use on their websites.
“The students look forward to enhancing the work of Outer Banks Catch and other groups to educate consumers about seafood seasonality, local fishing methods, and community fishing heritage,” Susan West, Hatteras Connection coordinator, said.
One product created by the youth team will be selected for exhibit at the NC State Fair.  That selection will be announced in September 2011 at Day at the Docks, an annual celebration of Hatteras Island’s fishing heritage held in Hatteras village.
Members of the Hatteras Connection Seafood Marketing Youth Team include Alana Harrison, Alexis Gray, Anna Fletcher, Aron Stowe, Cameron Whitaker, Caroline Austin, Chris Clark, Foster Mattingly, Libby Tawes, and Victoria Gaskins.
Sara Mirabilio, NC Sea Grant fisheries specialist, and West are providing the youth team with information and resources on commercial fishing and seafood marketing.
Linda Austin, CHSS media coordinator, is guiding students in website design and blog creation, and Tracy Shisler, science teacher, is serving as a science advisor to the group.
Funding for the project comes from NC Sea Grant’s Mini-Grant Program that funds seed grants on a limited basis.  The program has made $4400 available to CHSS to purchase software and cameras.
Hatteras Connection is a community-based project dedicated to sustainable economic development and environmental stewardship, and committed to working to ensure a future for new generations of watermen on Hatteras Island.