Privacy Policy

Outer Banks Catch uses their best efforts to respect the privacy of their on-line visitors. We will not sell, rent, or trade the personally identifying information you provide to anyone outside of Outer Banks Catch program unless we are required to do so by law. The site also includes certain features that allow you to communicate with us by electronic means such as email. You are responsible, if you choose to use these communication features, to provide personally identifying information to us (such as by including your name in the body of an e-mail message). When you provide email, you affirm that you are knowingly and voluntarily providing us the information. We may respond to the electronic communication messages you send us. The use of cookies and other information is used to optimize the viewing experience, troubleshoot any problems and better serve content. Please be aware, however, that it may be possible for others to read messages that you send over the Internet, so do not send by electronic communication any information that you would like to keep confidential.