Benefits of Membership

Community and Networking

Marketing Exposure — Recognition in widely distributed brochures, print advertising, radio and on Facebook. That's a lot of exposure for just $100!

Listing on with links to your website

Outer Bank Catch decal to identify your business as a member

North Carolina Seafood Availability Poster


Membership Tiers 

Restaurants, Seafood Markets, Grocery Stores: $100

To become a general member, businesses must commit to offering one special each week that features wild-caught, local seafood.

Information including species, price and when offered and source of purchase of species should be emailed to for promotion. 

Criteria also is being developed to be used to designate businesses that routinely offer higher amounts of local seafood on their menus or in their display cases. This category of members will have the additional bonus of being included in a Seafood Road Trip brochure that will be distributed widely, both out-of-area and in local high traffic areas. Those with just general membership status will not be included in this second brochure. 

With the wealth of wild-caught seafood available in the Northeast region of the state, it is time to make this a Seafood Destination! To be eligible for consideration for the higher level of participation, businesses must first join as a general member.

Details on how to be considered for this higher profile membership will be sent to members in the near future. Visitors to the area not only want to eat out, they also often want to take seafood home to store in their freezers so are looking for the real deal in restaurants, seafood retailers and grocery stores.

Please note: application and dues apply per business location. 

Community Supporter — Local Businesses and Individuals: $100

We welcome support from businesses and individuals in the community. Marketing benefits do not apply to community supporters. 

Fishermen: Complimentary

Outer Banks commercial fishermen from northeastern North Carolina are invited to join for FREE by just filling out the application.


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