Outer Banks Catch is designed to promote wild-caught local seafood and educate seafood lovers about the numerous advantages of requesting what’s local and in season. Outer Banks Catch is committed to advocating for high water quality and preservation of habitat so that our fisheries have the best conditions possible to ensure robust and healthy populations.

From Columbia to Elizabeth City to Swanquarter, Ocracoke to Corolla, the Northeast region of the state has multi-generational communities of commercial fishermen who earn their living harvesting fresh, healthy seafood. In fact, the  region is the largest in terms of fishing-related revenue, and there's a growing recognition of the  importance of commercial fishing in local economies.

With advances in quick-freezing techniques and other preservative processes,  some local species are available year-round.

Equally, our unique Atlantic coast ecosystem contributes to one of the most diverse, year-round selections of fish and shellfish available. For our commercial fishermen, it’s a hard day’s work getting even harder with increasing regulations – according to a study by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, commercial fishing is the seventh most regulated industry in the country.

Despite the plentiful catch,  80 percent of all seafood served nationally is imported and of those imports only 2 percent is FDA inspected. Even with that small percentage of FDA inspections, millions of pounds of seafood farm-raised in other countries is turned away each year at ports of entry due to disease, filth and chemical and antibiotic additives.

Because other countries don't regulate to protect the environment or the product, imported seafood is cheaper, proving that cheaper isn't always better.

You deserve nothing less than the safest, healthiest, most delicious seafood available. So when you dine or shop for seafood, ask for Outer Banks Catch by name.