Jason Sadler, a fisherman from Stumpy Point, has an advanced brain tumor which has forced him off the water while he goes through treatment. In addition to worrying about his health, he also is struggling to pay medical deductibles and ongoing living expenses such as his mortgage, electric and other household bills.
Outer Banks Catch has set up a relief fund account with the Outer Banks Relief Foundation to accept donations and to oversee the process of paying his bills. When the time comes that Jason no longer needs the help, the fund will become the permanent Working Watermen’s Fund to help others with medical needs that they can’t afford.
To kick off the fund-raising, the fishing village of Stumpy Point held a potluck on Sunday, Oct. 22. Donations were accepted at the door and the result was amazing! How much did folks pay to eat the food that they provided themselves? More than $2,000!
Outer Banks Catch has asked all members to hold their own in-house fundraisers to help fund this account. Restaurants might consider running a special with the profits dedicated to the fund or contribute a $1 per dessert sold or $1 for each customer served during a specified time period.
Seafood retailers and dealers are resourceful creative folks and we’re sure that they can come up with their own ideas.
Outer Banks Catch will promote the fundraisers in ads placed through social media and in print in the Coastland Times and Outer Banks Sentinel. Information in the ads will be the name of the business, what its specific promotion is, date(s) and times. And, of course, the purpose of the fundraisers.
The fundraisers also will be promoted on the Outer Banks Catch website at www.outerbankscatch.com under events.
Send the specifics about your fundraiser to outerbankscatch2016@gmail.com at least one week before the date to allow time for the ad to be designed and placed with media outlet. Information about who the check should be made out to and where it should be sent will be provided. Or, those who prefer to handle business online will receive instructions about the Pay Pal account at the Outer Banks Relief Foundation.
We hope that you will join us in funding this new giving venture!